1.5 mil optically clear PET film HIGH clear adhesive, with a PET release liner. This product provides excellent abrasion & weather resistance as well as some UV resistance when applied over printed graphics particularly Perforated Window Films, as well as, other substrates that require high optical clarity.

Key Features and Benefits
  • 36-micron Polyester (Shrinkage under 1% without printed ink).
  • Solvent Polyacrylate (permanent) transparent pressure sensitive adhesive.
  • Put-up, 54”x100’.
  • Liner 25-micron clear PET film.
  • Finishes available – Gloss.
  • Shelf Life: 1 year (stored up to 25°C and 50% relative humidity), in original packing.
  • Laminate reduces application time by making printed perforated window films easier to handle, install and remove.

Use as a protective laminate where optically clarity is required such as Perforated Window Film and other graphics that require a high clear laminate.


Print Settings and Application Guidelines

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