Perforated Window Film

What You Get

Ideal for Windows and Glass

The removable clear acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive and tear-resistant product make it ideal for window installations.

One-way Vision

DAF ILLUSION allows beautiful graphics on one side and one-way vision when looking out.

What You Get

Best Value for a Complete Solution for Interior Mount Perforated Film.

The DAF Illusion Gecko-grip one way interior mount perforated window film is the most affordable complete solution available.

Safe Inside

By mounting indoors, you protect your window film from both the elements and vandals. Our product is removable and able to be repositioned.

What You Get

A Wealth of Options

Our no-adhesive option provides the lowest cost window perforated one-way vision film with a wide selection of installation and re-positioning options.

Protected Inside Your Building

When mounting indoor with DAF Optically Clear Double-sided Tape, the film allows you to protect your graphics from both the elements and vandals.

What You Get

Stunning Graphics with One-way Vision

Enjoy tremendously beautiful graphics without obstructing the view from the inside.

Deep Ink

The double paper liner allows the ink to sink deeper into the holes to avoid clogging and blocking.

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