DAF Products Graphic Media focuses on worldwide manufacturing of economically priced consumable wide-format materials as well as high-performance and unique media solutions such as the award-winning Gecko Grip that allows one to print directly on adhesive for a one-step interior-mount window solution.

  • Direct Print Calendared PSA Print Vinyls

  • Polyester Roll-up and Backlit Films

  • Floor and Wall Graphic Vinyl

  • Polypropylene Block-out and Display Films

  • Perforated Window Films

  • PSA Laminates and Mounting Tape

The best products require timely access and local support. That is why we have partnered with some of the premier print solution providers and wide-format distributors in the industry today. This assures that print service providers and commercial printers can purchase our products through their current supply channels. Please contact us today for our partner locations nearest you.

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How We Got Here

For 30 years DAF Products has been an innovator and manufacturer of flexible substrates for many industries including aerospace, automotive, healthcare, military and structure. We currently work with over 40 manufacturing facilities in the USA, Asia, and Europe, and provide distribution through multiple warehouse locations across the United States. Our partner factories are carefully chosen and comply with our high standards of process and quality control, cleanliness, unique capabilities and core expertise in printable media manufacturing. This allows us to provide our customers with high-quality wide-format materials at very competitive prices. Currently the graphic materials are shipped from two locations. Our main warehouse and corporate headquarters are located in Wyckoff NJ, with a secondary warehouse in Torrance, California.

Dedicated to Our Customers

DAF Products employs a team of knowledgeable service and support staff to assist and satisfy our customers’ needs. The process starts with identifying product opportunities in cooperation with our distribution partners and their customers. Using DAF Products’ own sourcing center in Changzhou, China, we target the best match from our qualified manufacturing assets and work directly with the factory to specify, qualify and develop products. Throughout their lifecycle, products are subjected to a high degree of repeated quality-control measures, which includes onsite production inspection and material sample testing. Each production run is visually inspected and measured against an established specification done in our own internal testing lab in New Jersey to ensure highest quality. Packaging consists of a durable plain brown box with an external product description label and a large six-digit tracking number. No DAF company identification is present on our graphic media products. Custom packaging and labels are available for volume programs.

Additionally, for a small fee, DAF Products has the capability to offer custom slitting and rewinding. We pride ourselves on providing world-class customer service. We are here to help. If you have a question or special request or just wish to discuss an opportunity, please contact us directly.


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